Zupan, Post 5 - Trim

So, like I said last time, I wanted to do couching and stuff as the decoration on the zupan. I looked it up in some of the craft and embroidery magazines I have here, and drew some pics and made some notes.
I chose some colours and thicknesses of cord and all that, and then went out and tried to buy what I needed and found that it was mostly unavailable. So I was annoyed and changed a few things and simplified things, and came back with some cord in appropriate colours. Although most of it, except the dark red was quite crappy and mostly all the same. There wasn't a lot of choices.
I couldn't get the more complicated elements to work, and didn't have any cord thin enough to do the loops I wanted, and wasn't actually able to get some really interesting thick stuff either to loop over in the first place, and I was wondering if I would have enough time to do everything, as well as whether G would even like it or wear it because, like most men, he mainly wears only undecorated simple clothes in dark colours.
So I only did two rows of couching, and one of those was straight anyway, but I tried to make the thread I sewed it on with a bit interesting. This is the great thing about couching - you WANT the thread to show up as part of your decoration, so you don't have to match it or try and hide it, and you don't actually have to be that precise because there are so many stitches no one will notice the mistakes. And you get twice as much decoration in one go - not just the cord but the stitches on the cord too.
First the wiggly one, shown from up by the collar.
Then the straight one. I wasn't sure how to finish the end nicely, so I made a little spiral. That red there is no way the colour of the material, it is like the picture above.
The two of them, running past the fasteners.

And that's the end of posts on this garment, except for photos later after the wedding. It doesn't fit too bad, but is not as good as I would have liked.


aynz said…
I think the spiral is a really good way to end the straight line. It's tidy and cute and fits in with the curls and curves everywhere else. Ka pai! ;-)

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