Zupan, Post 3 - Construction

I can't really remember what I wrote in my previous posts, but here goes anyway.

I did material, I did the pattern, I talked about the weirdness of it and Polish words....

So today we shall talk about construction or something. In fact, I think I shall change the title. There.

So, I can't really remember much about making it that is interesting, but you know that the pattern was a pain to make and that it has a lining. The main part of the garment - minus the sleeves and collar I mean - was sewn separately in outer and lining fabrics to hide the seams. To make things a bit easier, I didn't sew the sleeves on at this stage, because sleeves can be tricky to sew on and might not end up eased and adjusted the same on the outer and inner layers - because I don't notch the sleeves and arm scye because I don't really understand it so I just put the sleeve in and make it work.
So I put the inner and outer layers together and first sewed one of the front opening edges together so that the edge was enclosed. I actually took that picture because I really like the shape there. This is after attaching the sleeve, but actually I hadn't done that at the stage I am describing.I sewed this side like this because it had curves, where as the other front opening was straight, so I just folded the lining and outer pieces down and sewed them together like this on the inside.
Then I sewed in the sleeves with both the layers together, so that the seam was exposed on the inside, which I sewed down like this.
Sewn towards the sleeve, not the body. Fascinating I know.

This is the view from the back. The centre back is one piece, no seam - that there is a strong fold not yet ironed out. Then it has two skirt pieces on either side of that. Pieces that make the skirt of the jacket. That's what I call it anyway.
See the nice folds? Although it mostly ended up looking not so good on G as it did at various other times in the construction process, but I doubt anyone will really notice. Those seams where the skirt joins to the centre back- I wanted them to be horizontal, but they refused. They did slant, but I thought that they were supposed to slant in the pattern in order to be horizontal when worn. And I made effort to make that happen, but when worn, somehow they end up slanting A LOT. Not just a little bit like here. Very annoying. And it didn't really hang properly :(

This is the front, just as-made, no fasteners or special stuff. Ignore the fact that the dress dummy is a girl, please. But annoyingly, when Gary wears it it doesn't hang quite so straight down the front centre either. Which is also a shame/pain.
However, I did fix up the unevenness at the collar front that you can just see there.

So, all in all, I THOUGHT I got the pattern right, and I THOUGHT it was hanging nicely, but when I finally finished it later, it wasn't as good as I thought and I was a bit disappointed.


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